Car rental Lausanne Switzerland

Ferrari 458 | Car rental Switzerland

ferrari car hireModel: Ferrari 458 cabrio

Description: Interior styled with a beautiful sensation of clarity. A motor that provides an incredible emotion making other supercars jealous.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival

Range Rover Sport | Switzerland car hire

Range Rover Sport hireModel: Range Rover Sport

Description: Seats adaptable for all types of bodies. Optimal visibility and very spacious both in the cabin and the boot. Out of the available SUVs it is the most appreciated by our clients.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Renting a Lambo in switzerland

lamborghini car hireModel: Lamborghini Gallardo

Description: Breaks, traction and road security whilst still delivering enthusiastic performances, even snowy conditions.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.


Range Rover Evoque hire Model: Mercedes ML

Description: Curated detailing for this 4x4 that has an astonishingly quite motor. The sensibility of the breaks and the stability are excellent also in the famous bends of the Swiss roads.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Mercedes E Class | Switzerland car hire

mercedes car hireModel: Mercedes E Class 350

Description: Bend after bend you will be enthused by the assets of this supercar, with its tires planted on the ground, a car agile and fun but still perfect for both the mountain and more rigorous terrains.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

AUDI q7 hire

audi car hire Model: Audi Q7

Description: The driver's seat is able to be positioned in all heights which allows for a comfortable and relaxing trip.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.


porsche car hire Model: Porsche 911

Description: It still withholds with great grip in even the most difficult turns. Porsche 911 shows its customary cure of details, typical of the Porsche brand.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.


Mercedes ML Model: Mercedes ML

Description: A model which is the most appreciated in the prestigious Mercedes series. More powerful than ever but still with a streak of aggression and vitality.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Aston Martin | prestige Car in Switzerland

aston martin car hireModel: Aston Martin

Description: Book online for the service "Partenza Immediata" with delivery of the keys in less than 5 minutes from the exit of the gate of Lugano Airport.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

BMW x5 | Luxury Car hire in Switzerland

rent a Bmw X5Model: Bmw X5

Description: The sensors and cameras are a great help to park this rather large 4x4. The diesel engine guarantees reduced consumption that delivers exceptional performances.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

RENTA A bentley

bentley car hireModel: Bentley Continental

Description: Perfect even in wet conditions and on ice, with its notorious electric stability control. It is most definitely a car that will make you dream.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

MINIVAN rental 8 seat mercedes viano

minivan rental VianoModel: Mercedes Viano

Description: Minivan rental (8 seater rental). Automatic gearbox refined luxury with customised details even in the most difficult of turns.

Delivery: within 5 minutes of your arrival.

Rent a car in SWITZERLAND: luxury car, Suv, 4x4 and 4wd

LausanneAbout Us: Top Luxury Service offers an exclusive service of luxury car hire ideal to visit the shores of Lake Geneva or discover the delights of Zurich. Discover the wide range of luxury car through our ever-renewed fleet with over 150 car models at your disposal such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Range Rover.

For the delivery of the car of your choice will provide your Personal Assistant Top Luxury Service that, with great professionalism and guarantee of your privacy, will welcome you at the airport or in one of the most renowned hotels in Switzerland




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Luxury Holiday in Switzerland

One of the most glamorous places to visit with one of our 4X4 SUV as Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Bmw are the slopes of the Swiss who has the distinction of having 1,500 meters difference in height between the lake and the highest point of Lausanne. If you want to go to shopping with one of our supercars like (...) you can head over to Le Flon.

Top Luxury Service offers a luxury car that is unmatched reflecting all the needs of the most demanding customers with the ability to have the luxury car completely full optional. If necessary, Top Luxury Service will put at your disposal a Customer Service 24-hour 24 with immediate replacement of the car and delivery of the same even in the holidays or during the night.

Top Luxury Service is at your disposal to make your stay perfect through the presence of highly qualified personnel that will ensure the support at every opportunity. In case you were in any city in Europe, thanks to One Way Service, you will have the opportunity to arrange delivery with your Personal Assistant Top Luxury Service in the place and at a preset time.

Top Luxury Service luxury car hire: a guarantee for even the most demanding customers.

The task of Top Luxury Service luxury car hire is not limited to the simple delivery of the car but will be interested, as appropriate, to the organization of your stay in Lausanne to make your holiday perfect .


Car Hire Italy
Reviewed by Thomas on Sept 02 .
Rating: 5 star

Summary: I am very satisfied with the hire car service and I will definitely use them again.
Description: A kind and helpful TLS personal assistant accompanied me and advised me of the best car for my needs. An excellent service. I was welcomed at the exit of the Airport gate and accompanied to the car. They showed me the car, the interior and the exterior – which was all perfect. I signed the relevant documents and I was able to leave straight away. All in less than 5 minutes. I chose the Mercedes Vano: the interior was completely new and very prestigious. It can't be compared to other cars that I've hired in the past from other companies. I was also able to easily extend the hire period and drop it off in Venice thanks to TLS's service, "One Way".