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Luxury Car rental in Berne Switzerland

BerneAbout Us: Rent your luxury car with TopLuxuryService and you can get behind the wheel of one of more than 150 highly selected luxury car in our fleet cars constantly renewed, with full optional dream car like Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bmw, Audi, Minivan, 4x4, Suv, 4wd suitable to satisfy customers who seek the perfection.

Your Personal Assistant TopLuxuryService will meet you at the airport of Bern relying on you the rented car and, in case that you have a private plane, the delivery may take place directly on the runway.

If you prefer they delivery to you your luxury car in one of these exclusive hotel in Bern as the Bellevue Palace Bern or the Hotel Schweizerhof.

Airport Flughafen Bern-Belp (BRN)

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Schweiz, Belp Switzerland 3123
Phone 0039 339.111.44.30

Hours: Mon-Sun 00am - 23:59pm



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Luxury Holiday in Berne Switzerland

TopLuxuryService will give you the opportunity to rent one of our 4X4 SUV or 4WD as Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes GL, GLK and Mercedes ML, BMW X5 and BMW X6 to go and admire the beautiful Bernese Oberland and attractions such as the Reichenbach Falls, the Staubbachfall and monumental Bernese Alps.

If you want to enjoy an exclusive evening you can bring yourself with your Porsche at the Liquid, a private room, where luxury and extravagance are the key words.

Do you want to enjoy the pathos of one of our supercars like Ferrari 458, Ferrari California, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley... TopLuxuryService will be able to offer this emotion even in the case you want to enjoy it for one day.

The services offered by TopLuxuryService luxury car rental are many and focused to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Our Personal Assistants TopLuxuryService will be at your disposal to offer a highly professional service as the ability to return the car that you have rented in any city in Europe thanks to One Way service to meet your needs through the Customer Support active 24 hours 24 with the immediate change of the car if necessary.

Get carried away by the service of luxury car hire TopLuxuryService and enjoy an exclusive holiday driving one of our cars.


Rent a car in Berne Switzerland
Reviewed by Thom on Sept 10 .
Rating: 5 star

Summary: Totally satisfied both of the service provided and the car in itself.
Description: I had an important work meeting a Lausanne and I had to absolutely make a good impression. I therefore decided to quickly search on the internet and I saw the range of cars that were available from this company and I was surprised at the choices of various models. I chose a luxury car, more precisely, a white Jaguar. The delivery was conducted by a company assistant that gave me the car keys directly at the Lugano Airport without having to go through the tiresome process of hiring a car. I had also stated that the Jaguar had specific characteristics such as a leather interior and a full range of options, both these requests were satisfied. I am extremely pleased with this company as they followed all of my needs from the beginning to the end without leaving me for one moment unsatisfied, my only real concern was that of driving a car with a huge potential. The delivery was also in non working hours as my plane arrived at 2300, I was also able to make the most of the Jaguar as I decided to visit Bern. There I was able to use the service "One Way" which is available in all European cities.